Friday, April 01, 2011

Gettin short

On my last month of this wonderful assignment to 29 Palms and while I can only hope I will return some day, I really went out this time and tried not to miss anything. I hiked the park, the Morongo Valley Wildlife Refuge, Thousand Palms, the Salton Sea twice, the Coachella Valley Wildlife refuge,LA arboretum and Cibola. Wish I could do Cibola again but just no time. I do have one more trip planned and that is to the Antelope Valley Poppy fields next weekend. Looking forward to that one, the poppys should be nearly at full bloom and spectacular.

BUT, home is going to be great also. We have a trip planned to Hoaquim and Westport to see the magnificent shore birds as they migate thru the area and hopefully, fingers crossed, I can get to travel cross county to see that great grandbaby of ours. Looking forward to that and along the way, stopping at as many sites as we can. Gas prices being what they are, probably will take the car.

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