Saturday, January 15, 2011


Drove down to the Sonny Bono National Wildlife Refuge at the Salton Sea on Saturday and loved it. Checked out Unit Two first, it was on the southern tip and there must have been thousands of geese, mostly Snow but White-front also. The short loop traill was more sound than sightings, the geese of course - a constant drown of honks, Red-winged and Meadowlarkss providing melody and then the occasional chirp and tweet of some little one hiding in the brush. Oh there were birds. Ducks I couldn't get close enough to to ID, a Great White Heron who posed for me along with a Great Blue who let me get really close before scaring the heck out of both of us. A Black Phoebe who hung out at the Obersvation Deck and Cattle Egrets who stood on the dike

Unit One was more amazing, the hike was flat and circled around passing the Salton Sea on one side and a fresh water lake on the other. Saw Stilts, Gull, Term, Kestral and I was amazed at the numbers Think I'll go back in the morning.

I was walking along and thinking I really needed to get a longer lens and a young man passed me an his camera must had a 10 inch lens on it. I told him I needed something like his and he laughed and said it never mattered, birds had a habit of staying just out of range.
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