Sunday, November 28, 2010


This was the first guy I saw when I went to the Cibola. I thought I was being so smart and used my GPS for directions. OMG what a mistake that was, I passed a sign that pointed to the Cibola but GPS knows best so I kept going. Told me to turn on this dirt road, GPS knows best. Drove about 8 miles into the middle of nowhere and there's this big sign, Cibola National Wildlife Refuge, but it wasn't where I was suppose to be. There was nothing there except dirt.

Now I have a map sitting right next to me. Do I look at it, no, I reset the GPS for the town of Cibola and followed it right back to Blythe and I10. I didn't want I-10. I looked at my map and with it, drove right to the Wildlife headquarters. ( I told the Ranger what had happened and he said another couple had the same thing happen to them. )

Rule one, don't use your GPS to get to the Cibola.

When I am finally on the right road and about to cross the Colorado River, I come to a sign. Dangerous Bridge - cross at your own risk. Okay, I've driven around, lost for an hour and now I have this bridge, Its a one laner and I'm seriously thinking about turning around when a motorhome comes and crosses. Ok, it made it, I'll make it. And I did.

I've got to go back as it was wonderful. There are about 8 places to stop and birdwatch but I took the Goose Auto tour first. Its right behind the headquarters and about a 3rd of the way around, there is a Nature Tail you can take to a blind. It was nice, heard lots of birds but didn't seem much. Driving around was were the action was.

The Sand Cranes were so cool and off in the distance there were tons of Snow Geese, both winter residents. Bluebirds and quail and even roadrunners. Kestrals were there by the dozens and hawks.

Yeah, I've got to go back and check out the rest but I found another road, and another bridge without a warning sign. I think I'll go that way
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glad you are having some fun out there in the desert