Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm Baaaack

I've returned to JT and just couldn't be more excited. I arrived last week and FOUND the best birding spot in the valley, Gary and Mary Frans backyard. Gary and I were admiring the bird feeder and I happened to notice, even with my bad eyes, what looked like a Cedar Waxwing. A pair of them. Gary got his binoculors and confirmed it. He has seen them before but they are traveling thru and feeding on his berry bush. (I can't spell pyracantha bush)
His yard is home for a hawk, (I think the Coy pond is the attaction)lots of quail and those little guys with the dark heads. But you would be absolutely jealous to see his bird list just from this year. AMAZING.

My new apartment is kinna cute and better than living in a hotel room. It was probably converted into apartments at some time and I suspect built in the 40ies. Local rock fireplace, spanish tile floors, two nice size rooms. I have a porch and a view of JT Monument that is really calling my name, but the back yard is typical creosote bush and scrub, but there is a stand of bamboo in one corner that gives a neat sound when the wind blows. Problem, there is a fica tree. I can kill a fica without even trying and it looks like an expensive one. Directions - water once a week and turn. Hummm, I'll keep you informed but I may be buying a fica before I leave.
So today, I'm going to hit the local second hand stores. I really don't need much, The Company said I could purchase a microwave and coffee pot and my friend Mary Fran has offered me anything I might need to borrow, but I think I'm good. The apartment could use a better can opener, thats one thing you have to spend money on, cheap can openers are a waste of time, and I might want to get a muffin tin, but those are easy. The pots and pans here are huge, I could looke for smaller ones.

JT has a framers market still going so I'm going down there to check out the local produce.

Work is work. I live for the weekends.Camera is all charged and ready to go, I even have fiters for the sun.

Weather sunny and cool, I think I'm going to like winter here.

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