Thursday, October 01, 2009

Milky Way

Joshua Tree Institute held a class on the milky way and I went and took it. I was told to bring a coat/gloves and a hat because it get's chilly at night. I was a little skeptical as the day time temps were constantly in the triple digets, but I followed directions and brought a coat and a cap, not a hat. I didn't need either. BUT what a great class. Part one was in the classroom where we're shown pictures from the Hubble( ) and they were so awesome. (Hope the link works, but if it doesn't google it and check them out. Space is NOT just black and white)
After the class, we caravanned up to the park, to Barton Dam, my most favorite hiking area, and set up some huge telescopes. I'm sorry, my eyes aren't very good, and the stars look like bigger stars, but I did see Casiopea, one I didn't know.
Joshua Tree at night is just as awesome as JT during the day. Not only are the stars spectacular, but howling cayotes just make it perfect.