Friday, August 07, 2009

Circle the Calendar

What a great day it is and it's only 0700 in the morning I got a voice mail from my friend Mary Fran who was told she needed to have heart surgery and now they told her, "never mind, come back in 6 months" I have yet to hear the details but I know she is much relieved.
Then I get an email, I'm going to be a Great Grandma. LOL, you know that I am way to young to be a great ANYTHING, but I'm excited. Think I need to plan a trip to the east coast, if I take my time, I'll get there just in time for the great event.

Another bit of news, I had to get up to find a comforter last night, I got a tad bit chilly. Hope that means this long hot summer is about to end. I want to get back up to the Monument but it has been just to hot.

Off to work. BTW, I now remember why I retired and became a volunteer!!

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