Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays

I guess you've heard that Seattle/Portland area is socked in by snow and ice. Well, I'm here to tell you, we have snow and it looks like we're go to have a very white Christmas, my first - believe it or not. 
What a year. The miracle of President Elect Obama, the price of gas at an all time high and now at an unbelieveable low, the Government giving those $$billions to the banks who are hoarding them for themselves, and President Bush actually giving some of it to the working class. (Be still my heart). The long lines at the food banks, the falling house prices, and the homeless numbers going up, and  they are calling this a recession, I don't think so, looks like a depression to me!
Every charity has a hard luck story and it pulls on my heart strings, but my charity dollars are going to my own family this year. To bad thats not tax deductable. Roy figures that if they had split those billions among all of us, we would spend it on cars and homes and Christmas gifts for the family. Maybe thats to simplistic but what the hell do I know. It seems to me we could do better than those bankers are.
Our Christmas is going to be a simple old fashion 'be with family' Christmas. We're going to eat and eat and laugh and sing and maybe even have a snowball fight. And we are going to think about our friends. 
This year I lost a few friends. Pat, an old friend and volunteer lost her battle to breast cancer. She use to have wheelchair races down the corridors at Madigan with the nurses. Rose is also gone. Rose lost her battle with Ovarian cancer . Her fight was brief but heroic and so many of us miss her as she was blessed with so many friends. I was really sick of going to funerals. 

The grandson's both returned home this year and then since work was just not here, they both returned to their old jobs. Jake is in Billings and Thad in Vermont. I am proud of both of them as they are at least working. 

Betty made the Dean's List at UW, her first semester. She is going to be a great accountant so if you know anyone looking for a CPA, she has another year and then will be out there looking for employment. Ron, sweet son, is up in Seattle fighting his fights and winning. 

Roy and I are planning our 2009 and 2010 trips. We have decided 2010 is going to be our year for travel and  winter we will head south and stay south until summer. LOL

Have a great holiday. 

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