Friday, August 01, 2008

July Bash

We made it a long weekend and headed out Thursday for the weekend. We went to Rest-A-While RV Resort near Hoodsport on the Olympic Penninsula to meet some friends. We pulled in and we were told by the gal who checked us in, that our party called saying we were coming on Friday.??? I thought it was funny they hadn't called a told me, but okay, it didn't matter. Roy bought us each an ice cream cone (what diet?) and just as we were getting into the RV to park it in space 19, another one of our group showed up. They were confused as they hadn't called, but it didn't matter, we were there. Never did solve the mystery, the last couple showed up and they hadn't called either.

The weather was fine, so as soon as we got hooked up, we pulled out the awning and sat in the sun catching up on news and gossip. Whoops, we all got a little to much arms and face were red red red.

In no mood to cook, we wandered across the street and had dinner at the Tides, a great little family owned resturaunt. All the men had liver and onions, but I opt'ed for Fish. Oh yum, it was way to good and I ate way to much.

Lola and Josette must know ever card game in the book. Earlier in the year they taught me to play Hand and Foot, a Canasta like game using about 4 decks of cards. Its fun except when your losing. We played Golf and Mexican Train (with dominos) and I had a great time.

Saturday morning we woke to rain, but it was light and didn't really change much. Sunday we drove home in another rainstrom.

I thought this was summer, but I guess not.

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