Saturday, May 10, 2008

Northwestern Oregon Trip

Looking through my pictures, decided that few were really 'blog' worthy and when it came right down to it, the first couple of days of our mini spring vacation was pretty much a-wash. Monday we drove to Beaverton to pick up George, hiked the Tualatin Hills Nature Park after a pretty decent Mexican Dinner at Azteca.

Tuesday we took Hwy 26 out of Beaverton but then cut across to Astoria on a little used road that milage wise was probably a shortcut, but time wise probably doubled. We hit road construction a couple places. After passing the little town of Jewell, we came to the Jewell Wildlife Area and amazingly we saw a herd of Elk grazing right along side the road. Watching Roy try to get their pictures was more amusing than the elk as they were having none of it..He would move forward and they would move away.

The bridge over the Columbia looked so inviting and since George hadn't been to Cape Disappointment, we took another side trip.

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