Monday, April 14, 2008


Wow, did I pick a beautiful weekend or what. Sharon and I headed out on Thursday for Victoria BC and we had an absolutely great time. We took the Coho out of Port Angeles (25.00 round trip)and I was shocked at the number of motorhomes and 5th Wheels that were going across.

We didn't take our rig thought, and found a cheap motel called Pauls Motor Inn that was about a mile from the ferry dock. It wasn't bad, the room had a fresh coat a paint (and someone forgot to remove the painters tape on one wall), the rugs weren't the cleanest and kids ran up and down the hallway until late at night, but still, the price was better than most, so we put up with the rest. It was just for sleeping anyway.

The Empress Hotel would have been a better choice if we were rich.$239 Canadian as opposed to $64. at Pauls. But look at that place. Isn't it awesome.

After dropping off our luggage we walked back down town and get directions to take the city bus out to Buschart Gardens. DD warned me that it might be to early for any flowers. OMG, the place was not only full of blooms and the sweet smells were delightful. Buschart is the most beautiful garden that I have ever been to and I have lived in Japan where gardens are fantastic. Warning -- it cost $25.00 to enter the place. A little on the pricy side I think, but then the dollar is way down so that made it worse.

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