Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Always ask the locals

Roy and I decided to keep heading east and one of our camping buddies told us that if we go to Yakima, to take Hwy 821 instead of the Interstate (I82) The road twists and turns and the speed limit is only about 45 mph but what a beautiful trip it was. We followed the Yakima River for about 25 miles and it was just a spectacular trip.
Spent the night at the Yakima KOA and its pretty, our camp is right on the river and from our door we watch the ducks, turtles and even a few fish swim right by us. Having this site means we don't get Cable but who wants to watch TV when you have this beautiful site to watch. (Besides I am reading Richard Proenneke's More Readings from One Man's Wilderness. You might have seen One Man's Wilderness on PBS about him building his log cabin in Alaska. This book isn't as good, but I am enjoying it. )
We'll probably stay tomorrow also and then head to Tri Cities.

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