Thursday, December 22, 2005

Tacoma Museum of Glass

Tacoma? Noted for art?
Today, friends and I went and checked out the new exhibit at the Tacoma Glass Art Museum and I was not disappointed at all. I went a few years ago and thought it was good, but this time, I found it to be fasinating and interesting, and of course the glass was amazing.
We first checked out the "hot room' where they actually blow glass. Last time we just watched, but this time, they talked about what they were doing and why and how. It was fasinating.
OOOh and there is a glass organ there which is on loan and will only be there a couple more days. The glass blower/engineer made an organ with glass tubes and fire and it actually plays eerie notes and a magical sounds comes forth. It was worth the entrance fee alone.
Next time you come up to Tacoma, lets plan to go there. I could go over and over again and never get tired of it, it's so wonderful. I know that you will really enjoy it.
Our friend is up from Portland and it has rained every day since he came. He is use to the rain but I would really like to show him something other than rain clouds and dark skys. Tomorrow we plan to ge to Mima Mounds and play in the mud. Also Ft Lewis has a nice small museum that is well worth the trip.

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