Saturday, November 26, 2005

Promised you pictures that you don't normally see and this cute fellow is a temple "gate keeper". Carved in wood and painted in gold this fellow is probably over 100 years old.

This last week has really flown by, and in 4 days I will be back in the US. But tomorrow we go to see the last sumo match of the season. I am so excited as Kotooshu, the big guy from Bulgaria (big and cute and tall and handsome and narry an inch of fat on him) has done great this last bascho. He beat the yokosuna in one of the most exciting matches of the year. Tomorrow there is really nothing to descide as Assashoriu has already won, but thats okay. I might get another doll. Did I mention I collect sumo dolls?

Sallie, Roy and I have been going out to eat just about every night. Tonight I had tofu salad which is delicious. Going to eat in the States just isnt going to be the adventure it is here.
First we order food from pictures on a menu as most menus are only in Japanese (as it should be) Tonight Roy ordered a noodle dish and it was cold, and had squid in it. He didn't mind the squid but the cold noodles wasn't to his liking.
I remember going to eat and ordering a sandwich once It turned out to be a potato salad sandwich with catsup. Actually it really wasn't bad. They also have strawberry cream sandwiches. Squid ink is popular pizza choice here in Japan. It looks just about like you would think it looks, black. ( I haven't tried Squid Ink anything)
One of my favorite places to go get a good cheap meal in Japan is at 7/11. Yep, same folks as in the US, but not the same food. We stop every Tuesday night after pottery. Charla got corn soup in a can and it smells absolutely delcious. You can get canned goods either hot or cold. They also sell bento boxes which is tidpits of assorted foods. I am going to miss 7/11 also. Posted by Picasa

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